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Tube Pump


Surface Preperation / Finishing


Plant / System

Squeeze Pump Machine Series suitable for Mortar Conveyance
  • No suction or discharge valve, different from other pumps.
    Conveyable : High viscosity or consistency Material, Slurry containing aggregates (Max. 1/4 Inner Dia. of pumping tube) or Muddy materials.
    Strong vacuum pressure makes self-suction conveyance smooth & easy.

  • Provided with both Forward and Reverse directions in the revolution.
    Long life performance and durable design.
    Conveyance sucks up high consistency materials from containers.
  • Machine has not any contact points but its Pumping Tube.
    No sealing parts ENo leakage.
  • Necessary maintenance is only a replacement of Pumping Tube.
     Only 3 to 5 minutes to replace Pumping Tube.

  • Even an empty run for a long time causes no troubles.
・TS-750V ・TS-750VA
・TS-750VR ・TS-750VAR



<Mechanism & Features>

 This pump adopts "SqueezeEpumping conveyance way.
 Pumping Tube (1) which is placed in position along the inside wall of drum (5), conveys mortars by the revolution of three or four rollers just like a tooth paste tube squeezed by hand to push out its paste.

 Empty pumping tube restores to its original shape by restoration with which the vacuum pressure reaches up to 740mmHg with max. conveying pressure up to 30kg/cm2.

 Working pressure is 20kg/cm2.

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