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The ultimate in heavy duty mortar concrete mixers.
Introducing a new, economical, and efficient way of mixing mortar for your work needs and at your job site.
Our mixers are ready to work, and don't leave the job until you do.
Heavy duty models are available with capacities of mortar concrete.
All models are custom built to your specifications.
General applications for these unique mixer make them practical for everyone involved with mortar concrete.
Our mortar concrete mixers can be successfully used all over Japan.
Our mixers eliminate minimum load charges, waiting for delivery, and allow you to mix your mortar concrete at the job site.
This evolution of our popular Tomosada mortar concrete mixer can claim a place as the worlds most advanced style mixer.
It's guaranteed to out mix and out perform any other machine available today!
Their use in the building industry for preparing mixing of
· Concrete of all qualities Gypsum, Plaster and Mortar · Calcareous Material · Fire Proof Material · Glass · Ceramic Products, and Other Uses for Preparing · Sand for Foundries · Industrial Detergents · Paints · Mastic, Adhesives · Mixture for Laying by Spatte · Enamels · Mixture for Electrodes · Fodder · Foodstuffs · Sweets · Soaps · Metallic Powders · Explosives
The stirring blades guarantee excellent mixing action for all types of materials.

Output Shoot for material is easy to fit & dismantle.
This special function makes conveyance and wash quick & easy.
Handle is stainless steel, rust-free!

High Boss protects the shaft from invasion of Cement Milk.
Long Life, High Performance, & Smooth Rotation!

Our innovative Easy & Clean mixers put an end to clean-up problems.
Special Rubber Guard promises clean construction site & sanitation!

Available in a full range of sizes and engine configurations for most any application.
The mixer that is characteristic construction, has a particular low and compact design.
The material's mix is thus in continuous motion which results in faster homogenisation.
Short mixing time has been obtained with a continuous motion of the material in high turbulence.

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