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Tube Pump


Surface Preperation / Finishing


Plant / System

Surface Preperation / Finishing
Finishing Steps
1 Placing Concrete on the Floor
2 Raking for Pre-Screeding
3 Leveling with "Laser Plane"
4 Screeding Work with Aluminum Screeds
5 Vacuuming out Water with "TREMIX" Vacuum Pump System
6 Troweling Work with a Smoothing Disk
7 Finishing Work with Ride-On Power Trowel Machine
8 Manual Finishing Work with Magnesium Float
Floor Finishing & Surface Preparation Machines
TREMIX Vacuum Pump Systems
F-Grinders Mini-Type
Tomosada Polishers
Ride-On Power Trowel Machines
Multi Purpose Trowel Machines
"Dust-Cut Grinder" Series

Floor Finishing & Surface Preparation Tools
"Laser Plane" Series
Concrete Rakes, Screeds, & Other Tools
Aluminum Leveling Boards
Tomosada Floats
Various Foot-Boards
Spike-Rollers & Spreader Wagon
Clean-Sweepers & Brushes
Brick Cutters (Cutter Cracking Tool)
Dust-Proofing Tools & Masks
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