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Chemical Pump High Pressure Pump
KC-8 KC-25 SK-55KG
1. Best-seller of the sealing pumps for the waterproofing works. Tank Capacity Approx.10L. Small & easy to carry. Suitable for any works!
2. The tank is surely fixed with four solid detents. No worry of the leakage for its transport & works.
3. Pump itself is very efficient type used a ball valve, and very easy to clean!
1. Capacity 20L, Output 90(Per 1Stroke),Suitable for the large amount.
2. Two Wheels for the easy transportation are attachable.
1. Suitable for High Pressure. Output Pressure is Max. 25MPa.
2. The Output Amount is lower than other types for its high-pressure construction.
3. Two Wheels (S-20) for the easy transportation are attachable.
Type KC-8
Output 40cc/Stroke
Max. Output Pressure 5MPa
Output Size 1/4"
(with Union Adaptor)
Tank Capacity 約10L
Dimension H455mm
Tank Dia.200mm
Weight 5.5kg
Type KC-25
Output 90cc/Stroke
Max. Output Pressure 3MPa
Output Size 1/4"
(with Union Adaptor)
Tank Capacity 約25L
Dimension H600mm
Tank Dia.230mm
Weight 7.5kg
Type SK-55KG
Output 3.2g/Stroke
Max. Output Pressure 25MPa
Stroke 38-43mm
Capacity 16kg
Dimension H495mm
Weight 8.7kg
Standard Accessories
Material Hose(Rubber)1pc
?1/4"*1m,Cap : PT1/4 Female)
Standard Accessories
Material Hose(Nylon)1pc
?1/4"*2m,1 Liquid Nozzle5Dia.,6Dia. Nozzle)
Standard Accessories
2mHose(High Pressure Rubber)
1 Liquid Nozzle
6Dia. Nozzle
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